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Sticking with your Budget in your Boston Trip

It is a known fact that the towns in the East Coast are not that budget-friendly. But certainly there are lots of amazing things to see out there so don’t give up too easy for that much wanted Boston vacation. Sticking within one’s traveling budget comes easy when you are equipped with the right information which does not start and end with booking cheap flights to and fro. Pair it with additional useful money-saving tips and you can surely explore this New England city without spending too much.

“You will do better with saving your pennies if you would use public means of transportation instead of renting a car as aside from high rental rates, Boston is known for traffic congestions.”

There are just four things you need to consider when you are already in Boston; where you will eat, where you will stay, what you will do and how will you get around. Below are few things you need to keep in mind to save some bucks.

  • If you want to grab great hotel finds, find lodges that are few miles away from downtown where the expensive ones are. Depending on what you will do in Boston, you may want to consider booking a reservation into a hotel that is nearest to the spots that are most important to you. This will save you money for transportation.
  • Boston is perceived as the “Athens of America” as it has lots of colleges and universities in the city. Such areas offer value hotels and cost-efficient restaurants that are situated just nearby the schools. If the attractions you want to see are in close proximity, using such districts as your base will save you money.
  • Bostonians enjoy LinkPass which is a type of discount card. A one-day card costs $9 will let you get around in the city through subway, some buses and ferries that circulate within the inner harbor. You can have an unlimited travel for a week if you will purchase a $15 card. Car rental isn’t wise as parking fees and rental fees are quite high. Public means of transportation is your best bet. Just don’t forget to bring with you a city map.
  • Book your hotel room with and save on your [city] stay. They offer personalized experiential travel planning and help you to find hotels to fit any budget
  • Blend in and eat like a local. You can find cheap eats around Harvard Square district and Union Street. Seafood is one of the most prominent foods in the town’s regional cuisine but you will also find burgers here. Better yet, get a hotel room that has a kitchenette at least so that you can prepare your own food.
  • There are also lots of cheap attractions in Boston, some are even free. You can head to beautiful Arnold Arboretum, a park in the central part of town or enjoy while relaxing in lush Public Gardens. Boat trips are also available in the city. Tour the lighthouses or watch whales while on the cruise for just a little over 50 bucks.

Before packing your things up, you must have a plan of your itineraries and these tips on your list so that you can stick within your budget.

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