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5 Reasons Why Korean Airlines Closed the First Class Flights

Korean airlines haven’t been left behind in the wave sweeping across the aviation industry. They have resolved to close first class flights in 76 routes out of their 111 routes traversing all over the world. But why would they make such a big move? As it turns out, there has been a significant change in concept by the airline.

  1. More People Prefer To Fly Business Class

Why would you pay up to 70 percent more money for a first class flight yet you can access the same comfort and services when flying business class for less money? It doesn’t make much sense. Both business class and first class have reclining seats that can lie flat, the passengers have access to the same food, and each person in both classes can enjoy privacy thanks to privacy doors.

Corporate firms flying their clients and employees overseas also prefer to pay for the business class as opposed to paying for first-class flights. The luxuries accessible in business class are the same as those accessible in first class, the only difference is that they are more affordable.

  1. Clients are Choosing to fly private

Ever wondered why first-class sections of the plane are never full yet the business class and premium sections are bustling with people and activity? Korean airlines have asked this same question too. They have come to realize that their focus should be on those who seem to need their services the most. That’s why they decided to close most of the routes for first-class flights, however, you still can fly first class in these destinations with Korean airlines.

If current trends are anything to go by, CEOs, Tycoons and the ‘who’s who’ in society prefer to fly private instead of having to book a first-class flight.

  1. First Class Is Less Efficient and Manageable

The plane can only have a limited number of staff assisting and attending to passengers during a flight. When flying first class, the passengers expect to have a staff member ever on standby in case they need something. This often leaves passengers in other flight classes either having to wait for services or not getting any services at all. In the long run, having first-class flights have proved less efficient and manageable for Korean airlines.

  1. They Are Paying For Other People

The exorbitant prices you have to pay to fly first-class is what flight companies offer as discounts to those passengers flying standard or business class. Many who fly first-class have realized this and would rather use other means or fly business class.

  1. Maximize profits

Not everyone flies first class every day. Comparing the airline’s costs, staffing and demands that come with first class, it doesn’t make much financial sense. When it comes down to the math, Korean airlines would rather improve staffing and give everyone access to quality services, reduce catering costs and ultimately maximize their profits.

In the spirit of cultivating a sense of equality and to increase returns, Korean airlines have decided to remove first-class services on the majority of their airbuses.

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