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ESTA Antrag – Changing the ways we travel to the US

The Electronic System of Travel Authorization or ESTA is an easy online process that allows travelers to travel to the US for a short time without Visa. The ESTA antrag (application) has changed the ways for travelers to the USA. Some of the travelers consider ESTA antrag so easy, while others consider it not that easy. ESTA is a way to heighten the security measures of the Visa Waiver Program.

What is the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)?

The Visa Waiver Program was instituted before the incident of 9/11 to increase tourism and travel in the United States of America. VWP was designed to allow citizens from member countries to enter the US without any huge security concern. It is important to understand VWP to resolve any of the issues regarding ESTA antrag approval.

Things a person is allowed to do under VWP:

  • A person can visit their friends and family in the USA
  • Allowed to meet with their business associates
  • Attend business seminars, meetings, and makes business trips to the US
  • Stay in the USA for up to the 90 days
  • Allowed to attend NONcredit educational seminars
  • Explore the USA as a traveler

Things a person is not allowed to do under VWP:

  • No one can overstay their 90 days
  • Not allowed to engage in some illegal activities
  • Attending classes to transfer the credits
  • Unauthorized employment to work and get a salary in the US
  • Use ESTA as a visa for the activities that need a proper visa

Why people are not allowed to use ESTA from VWP countries?

Threats of terrorism and some other security concerns don’t allow some people from members of VWP countries to use ESTS antrag and they need to go through the long visa process. Sometimes people have to face ESTA denial that will ban them to travel to the US. To avoid this ESTA antrag denial it is important to answer a series of questions in ESTA antrag correctly. People get denial to the US if:

  • They overstayed in the US during their last trip
  • The answered wrong to some of the vetting questions
  • They found working in the US when they were supposed to be tourists
  • They try to use an invalid passport or a passport that was reported lost or stolen

ESTA-an additional step towards the security:

ESTA antrag or authorization is not a visa itself, but it is an additional step not only towards the protection of the US but for all travelers also. This small step is ensuring the safe travel of so many people. The approval for ESTA Antara is valid for up to two years, but your single trip must be remaining within 90 days.

ESTA is providing ease to the regular travelers but it is advised to use the right application site, Estaexpress24.com, is a German site that remains forthright with your given answers and makes it sure to understand the questions properly and clearly before answering.

With the right support of ESTAEXPRESS24, you can have an authorization only within 24 hours of making ESTA antrag.

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