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Busy Las Vegas: Interesting Places You Cannot Miss

Except from going to different casino clubs and visiting the well-known world of Museum of Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas, there are many other entertainments on every taste and budget.

Here is the list of top places to attend in the Las Vegas:

Rent a car

Before to implement all your plans, you should take care about the transport. The best variant to explore the city will be car rental in Las Vegas airport. There more as much as 14 rental companies, located in the airport and the city center. The age of a driver must be from 25 years old, in this case it is possible to hire a car – passport, valid driver’s license; a bank card of the Visa or MasterCard payment system. Some companies have additional conditions for renting a car. To avoid unpleasant situations, read them beforehand.

Make a tour to restaurants

Restaurants in Las Vegas are a true cross-cultural attraction for tourists. Here you can try any cuisine of the world, and chefs come here not only from different US states, but also from other countries. To feel like a king, you need to go to gourmet restaurants. They are expensive, tasty, pompous and sometimes there is a dress code. A more democratic option is a cafe and snack bars. To get acquainted with local cuisine, move to popular steak-houses. Taking a car from car rental in Las Vegas, you can plan your own route!

Visit unusual museums

For those who prefer cultural rest, the city has several museums of antique cars, the Museum and the Archaeological Museum, Nevada (309 S Valley View Blvd), the Museum of Artificial Culture and Belief and various galleries. The little guests will be interested in the Discovery Children’s Museum, where in a game form they are explained laws and facts. Another kids and adults’ attraction is “Shark Reef”, in which live about 2000 underwater inhabitants. Moreover, for guests there are held various shows.

Discover the beautiful scenery

Very often Las Vegas becomes a starting point for exploring the natural attractions of Nevada. The landscapes here are really stunning: literally a couple of hours away from the Grand Canyon, which is considered one of the deepest on the planet. Besides, there are located the largest national park in the United States, the Death Valley and several smaller parks. To reach these amazing places, car rental in Nevada is exactly what you need.

Sail on a gondola

One of the most popular places in Las Vegas is the hotel-casino The Venetian, which recreates the atmosphere and architecture of the north-Italian city, standing on the water. There is St. Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge and, of course, you can swim on the gondolas on the canals. What do tourists in Italian Venice usually do? Of course, they take a gondola with a gondolier, colorfully dressed in the costume of the times of the Venetian Republic. The gondolas in Las Vegas depart from St. Mark’s Square. The cost of the trip starts from $21.

Go to one of the shows of the Cirque du Soleil

Various shows of the world-famous circus Cirque du Soleil are held in several venues in Las Vegas. Therefore, you can buy tickets and visit several unique demonstrations on different days. Children in Las Vegas will be delighted with water acrobats and clowns, and adults will appreciate the magic of the Mystere show.

If you are not enough, go to the stores Coca Cola and M&M’s, drink some soda, eat to the heap and buy different souvenirs!

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