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Ideas on how to make travelling abroad easier.

With the cost of international travel at an all time low, getting on an aeroplane and travelling to a local short destination or long-haul beach has never been easier. The opportunity to spend holidays or your retirement seeing the world is no longer only for the rich and famous.

So how can you ensure that when you make these precious trips, that they end up being enjoyable and you get the most out of what you are doing. Here are some tips and links to services that can help to make your trips aboard better.

1, Try using Google translate.

This is an app that you can load onto any smart phone. It gives you access to 103 different languages instantly. Just type in whatever you want to say in English and then select the language that you would like it translated into. The app does this instantly and you can show the translated text to any local person. They can also write a response in their language and you can have it translated back into English. This allows you to talk with the locals without spending hours learning the language.

2, Arrange your airport transfer in advance.

If you arrange for a local taxi to be waiting for you at the airport arrivals terminal, you will be able to avoid the queue of people waiting to get a taxi. You will also have someone to help you with your cases, and if you book a local minicab the cost will usually be more economical than with an airport taxi. So plan ahead to save time and money.

3, Luggage Shipping

Instead of carrying your suitcases to the airport, queuing up to check them in, now you can arrange to have them collected through Courierpoint a local Golders Green courier firm. Their international luggage shipping service will collect your suitcases and route them through a branded courier service, such as DHL, who deliver them straight to your hotel. So that you will have your luggage waiting for you on arrival at your hotel, completing avoiding the hassle of carrying, waiting and queuing with your luggage. Allowing you to travel like a VIP all at very affordable discounted prices.

4, Research the attractions you are interested in visiting.

Now, all restaurants, hotels and tourist sports will have been reviewed by other travellers. So, ensure that you visit websites such as to read about the experience that other visitors have had. Not only will this enable you to select from multiple options, but offer reviews can include tips on the best rooms or places to see that you might not have been able to know without reading about them. As a rule of thumb if it has been good for others it probably will be for you as well.

5, Get the best currency exchange rate.

Change your sterling in advance of travelling whilst you are in the UK, and you will get a much better exchange rate than you can get at the airport or abroad. Make sure you keep your receipt, as usually the same company will exchange it back into sterling without charging a commission once you return, with site of your previous transaction.

6, Plan and buy local tours before you leave.

Often hotels and cruises will sell tourists their own marked up tours of local points of interest.  You should always consider these trips in advance, read their reviews and book them before you leave in order to get the best possible prices. Often the same tours are run by more than one company, so make sure that you compare prices for several tours before booking to ensure you get the best deal.

I hope that you have found these tips useful.


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