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Fun And Adventurous Things To Do On Your Next Vacation To Mexico

There are various ways to stay active and have a lot of fun when visiting Mexico, and as the added bonus, you are surrounded by stunning natural scenery. Every person’s idea of having fun and adventure might differ, but when you step away from the ordinary, or maybe you decide to push yourself in a physical way, which results in an out of this world adrenaline rush. Or perhaps participate in activities that you may have never experienced before, these are usually the experiences that will remain in your mind and memory for years to come. A few of these activities may require that you step away from your usual comfort zone, but the following will be the most memorable inclusions when it comes to your itinerary. Here are some of the bests adventures to Enjoy Mexico on your next vacation.

  1. A Kayak To A Cenote That Is Hidden

This adventure involves paddling a kayak through a turquoise lagoon where you will spot herons, pelicans and flamingos. From her you will enter a mangrove forest through a canal. At the end of the trip you reach a freshwater-cenote in the middle of mangroves. You are then able to swim in the fresh water before you head to the private beach where you get to enjoy a lunch of ceviche and grilled fish. This activity is available through Maya Amazing Adventures which is day trip that leaves from Merida.

  1. Ride On The Longest And Highest Zipline In The World

This is the fastest, highest and longest zipline across the globe located in Cooper Canyon Adventure Park. This forms a portion of a system that entails 7 ziplines along with 2 suspension bridges. Other additional activities in the park is inclusive of trip inside a cable car along with a Via Ferrata which provides a way to rappel and scale the walls of this canyon. This activity offers a way to take in the stunning scenery that this canyon has to offer along with a heart-racing adrenaline rush. 3 Amigos Adventures offer this Divisadero Tour which is inclusive of a top off at the Adventure Park along with visits to a number of lookout points that this area has to offer. This company also provides rentals of ATVs, scooters, bicycles and customized trips to your specifications.

  1. Raft Whitewater Rapids

Mexico Verde Expeditions provides white-water rafting activities along with glamping and mountain biking close to Jalcomulco, Veracruz. The white-water rafting takes place on the swirling waters of the Rio Antiguo situated in Veracriz state. These waters offer Class 2 or Class 4 rapids which are dependent on the part of the river along with what time of the year you plan to participate in these types of activities.

  1. Surfing Sand Dunes

This is the type of activity that is ideal for people that are interested in trying snowboarding but do not enjoy the thought of cold weather. Algodones sand dunes are located only 45 minutes from Mexicali, Baja California, and is the ideal area to practice this type of sport. If you are interested in this fun and exhilarating adventure, Adixion Tours offers these one-day sandboarding trips from Mexicali that are inclusive of instruction, transportation, equipment along with a lunch.

  1. Exploring The Colonial Town On Horseback

The San Miguel de Allende are well-known for their colorful streets which are stunning at dusk. Coyote Canyon Adventures provides exclusive horseback-riding activities along with nature and cultural tours. This tour offers a way to experience what the town was like in Allende time when horses where at the time the only type of transportation.

  1. Hiking Around A Petrified Waterfall

The mineral spring located in Oaxaca which is found at the cliff’s edge has created a mineral-formation over 1000’s of years which has created a waterfall that looks like it is made out of stone. This site is known as Hierve el Agua which means “the water boils.” Most people who visit the site agree that the view once you reach the top is magnificent. If you are in great physical condition, you can also enjoy hiking all around these falls and enjoy the beautiful views from below and as well as beside. You can book your tour through Discover Oaxaca Tours which is a day trip that leaves from Oaxaca city.

  1. Jump Off A Waterfall

Las Cascades de Micos based in San Luis Potosi makes up 7 waterfalls in varying heights. If you decide to jump from these waterfalls you will be given a life jacket and hard hat before you jump into the swirling and churning waters below. Huaxteca is a tour company that offers this tour along with several other fun and adventurous activities in an around the Huasteca area, which includes rappel, scuba diving and exciting white-water rafting.

  1. Snorkeling With Sea Lions

If you are in search of a truly unique adventure, make sure you visit Baja California Sur state which is close to the north of Los Cabos. Here you get to join the sea lions within their own natural environment, where you get to snorkel and swim with them. The animals are generally playful and friendly and are content to have human company around them. This activity is available at the Cabo Pulmo Marine Protected Area which is to the north of Los Cabos or near to the city of La Paz.

  1. Stand Up Paddle Board Through Caves

The stand-up paddle boarding is the type of activity that has gained a lot of popularity over the years and is something that just about anybody can do. The activity involves standing on a board while propelling yourself using a paddle. You will want to get used to this sport in a spot that fairly tranquil before you move your way up to way ocean environments. As soon as you have got the hang of it you will be prepared to explore different settings such as the caves close to Sayulita located in Jalisco state.

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