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Understanding the Italian Dual Citizenship Requirements and Make the Application Process Smooth

Have you ever thought of getting dual citizenship? Probably yes, and have based your anticipations on the many benefits such an opportunity brings. Obtaining dual citizenship is a broad area and a widely debated topic on many platforms.

Dual citizenship means that a person is legally and a law-abiding citizen of two countries simultaneously. For instance, you can get Italian dual citizenship, meaning you can be a citizen of Italy and another country. However, there are Italian dual citizenship requirements to abide by and enjoy smooth operations between the two countries.

The Italian nationality law helps understand what acquisition, transmission and loss of your citizenship entail. Many people have varying reasons for obtaining Italian citizenship. A good number find Italy a fantastic European country to live in, thanks to the many opportunities that come in the way.

Many life-changing opportunities come with dual citizenship. If you get a chance to split between Italy and other parts of Europe, here are a few benefits to enjoy. Have a look:

  • Buy property hassle-free
  • Travel to Italy is much easier
  • Get the best and most affordable education in the world
  • Exceptional job prospects
  • Enjoy the freedom to vote in both countries
  • Your family will enjoy the benefits of being a dual Italian citizen

What Are the Requirements of a Dual Italian Citizenship? 

The first step towards getting dual Italian citizenship is determining if you qualify. The whole process can be complicated, and it is essential to find out whether you are eligible or not. The law recognizes the possibility of getting Italian citizenship for individuals born to a father with Italian citizenship.

Understanding your eligibility for Italian dual citizenship is imperative. Everyone’s family history is different, and there are things to be assessed individually. These are things that will help determine whether you are on the right path to getting Italian citizenship.

Here are tips to help meet the requirements of getting dual Italian citizenship.

  1. You will need to gather some basic information about your Italian ancestor. Know their full names, date of birth, and birthplace in Italy. Go on and identify the direct relationship between you and your ancestors.
  2. Confirm whether your ancestor died before March 17, 1861. If the answer is a yes, you may be ineligible for Italian citizenship. If it’s a no, you could still be eligible for Italian citizenship by descent.
  3. You have to ascertain whether your ancestors did naturalize to another country before June 14, 1912. If yes, you may be ineligible for Italian citizenship by descent. If not, then you are eligible for Italian citizenship by descent.
  4. Check whether your birth date is on Jan 1, 1948, or any time after. If yes, you may be eligible to apply for Italian citizenship by descent.
  5. Ascertain whether you have traceable bloodline from you to your ancestor. You will be eligible for Italian citizenship by descent if everything is correct.

Documents that Satisfy Your Dual Italian Citizenship Requirements

Intrinsically, essential documents are required for the process to be successful and to increase your chances of Italian citizenship approval. Minor errors in your application may result in possible rejection or denial of dual citizenship.

You need the right documents to confirm your authenticity for the application. They include the following:

  • Birth certificate for your Italian ancestors from the commune in which they were born.
  • Death certificates of your deceased Italian ancestors.
  • Marriage certificates from Italy.
  • Naturalization certificates of your relatives or bloodline.
  • Your personal civil records, which include the birth certificates of your children.

Summing Up

It is possible to get dual Italian citizenship if you follow the correct procedure. There are notable requirements to keep in mind and documents to produce. Most importantly, you have to ensure your dual citizenship application and documents are flawless. If stuck, it is wise to seek help from the right authorities.

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