How To Find Cheap Airport Parking Near Melbourne

Researching your options when it comes to finding airport parking is key to getting a great deal and saving some cash for your holiday. If you plan on going for an extended trip, then it’s essential to leave your car at the airport or near the airport while you are away.

Airport parking can be quite expensive, and if you are on holiday, it can consume the money you would rather spend on having a great time.  The cheapest and most effective way to save money on airport parking is to get dropped off at the airport. But this can become quite tricky, especially if you have to catch an early flight. It can be quite difficult to get someone who can drop you at the airport in the wee hours of the morning. So the best option would be to leave your car at the parking space of airport parking companies like

Fortunately, there are ways you can significantly decrease the cost of leaving your car at the airport if you know how to find cheap airport parking. This article gives you some of the ways you can find cheap airport parking near Melbourne airport, continue reading to learn more.

  1. Book airport parking in advance

Making arrangements before you arrive at the airport can substantially reduce parking costs. The parking prices are often much higher if you pay last minute. When this happens, you will be forced to pay any fee just to ensure that you get a parking space.

If you book your parking space in advance, you may get a decent price and reduce your parking fee by even half. Many airport parking companies will offer affordable rates. It is advisable to book your parking space at least between 5-7 days in advance if you don’t want to spend more money on parking.

  1. Look for discounts

Whether you are using offsite or onsite parking before your trip, you should be keen on discounts for long-term parking. These deals can be very beneficial to you, especially if you are parking for an extended period. There are plenty of ways you can know if an airport or airport parking is offering any deals. You can check coupon sites or check the website of airport parking companies near Melbourne airport.

In addition to that, there are many travel sites that can inform you of any available deals for long-term parking deals. So you can sign up for the mailing lists and get the discounts they may post on their website straight to your inbox.

  1. Compare the rates

Sometimes, there are different rates available depending on a particular parking lot you select if you park your car at onsite parking. For instance, some larger airports will charge you more if you park your car closer to the terminals. Since there are many airport parking near Melbourne airport, you need to get their fees and compare them. You can do this by visiting each airport parking company’s website. Although it may take some of your time it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Furthermore, offsite parking charges less compared to onsite parking. That’s because they are usually geared towards travellers who are leaving their cars for a few days instead of just a few hours. So if your travel budget is already tight, you may consider leaving your car at offsite parking.

There are so many apps and websites that inform travellers about airport parking offers and deals at the airport or airport parking companies near the airport. This can make it hard to narrow down your list. The best option would be to compare and cross-check at least four different sites and parking apps if you want to get the cheapest airport parking near Melbourne airport. Remember that the prices usually fluctuate from month to month. That means one month the price can be lower and the next month it could be a bit high.

  1. Find a hotel near Melbourne airport that offers long-term parking

If you don’t live closer to the airport and your flight is too early or too late, it is advisable to stay in a hotel that offers long-term parking.  That is generally a cheaper option compared to driving a long way to catch your flight. Hotels near airports usually offer reasonable long-term parking rates than onsite parking space. However, finding a hotel that offers a parking space can be a bit challenging as it requires a little bit of research. Moreover, some hotels only offer parking lots only to their regular guests. So the best thing you need to do is to research early.  You can start by locating all the hotels around the airport, check out their websites, and call them to inquire about their parking lots.

  1. Find other cheap alternatives to airport parking

Another cheap alternative is to leave your car at someone’s garage or driveway. Although this option is cheaper, it doesn’t guarantee security. So if you are not a risk-averse person, this option may not be suitable for you.

You may also consider other options such as Uber, taxis, or public transportation if you want to save a few cash. Depending on where you live, these services will help you save some cash than when you  park at the airport or near the airport.

Final thoughts

It is not hard to find cheap airport parking; it’s all about knowing your options. The parking option you chose will depend on your travelling frequency and the length of your journey. When choosing an airport parking near Melbourne airport, don’t just focus on the cost alone. You should also try to read what customers are saying about the company and where it is located. Finally, you should ensure that the airport parking company you intend to leave your vehicle is very secure. You wouldn’t want a case where you come back from your trip only to find your car broken into or missing.

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