How to Prepare Your Bicycle for Air Flight

When you are planning a journey, it is common to want to carry everything that you need, and you own to avoid extra expenses of buying the stuff again. Some people even carry their vehicles depending on the purpose of their journey. The same thing applies to cyclists. It is only normal for a passionate cyclist, a parent taking home a gift or a family moving to want to ship their bicycle as well. What many may not be aware of is that you cannot do bike flights while the bike is in its full structure. Like other luggage, you need to pack your bike.

How to Pack a Bike for Shipping

Bikes are delicate and expensive items. Packing them may be challenging for first timers especially due to the size. However, in order to ensure that your bike reaches its destination in a perfect state, you have to learn how to pack it. The way you pack your bike will depend on the method of shipping that you decide on. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is to go through a variety of shipping methods and pick the one that suits you. After you have decided on your mode of shipping then what follows is disassembling the bike. The reason it is advisable to disassemble the bike is in order to protect the fragile components of the entire bike.

When disassembling you will need a box or bag where you will pack all the parts, a toolbox for separating the different parts, foam padding to wrap on some of the parts, bubble wrap for the same reason, zip ties, tape, scissors, and additional cardboard as well. The first part you have to remove is the frame and fork which you can thereafter wrap in foam padding to protect the paint and color. The next should be the handlebars, the stem and the levers which can be wrapped in bubble wrap or foam padding as well. Then comes the seat, the seat post which also needs protective wrapping and the pedals which can just be placed in a box. Disc brakes have to be separated from the wheels and packed separately while separated using a pad spreader. Once these main parts are off, then the others can be removed easily and packed. The smaller parts can be wrapped in tape for protection like the screws. Finally, you have to pack all these parts in one box or bag and wrap properly. While doing this ensure nothing rattles when you shake the package.

Do not forget to label the package after you complete packing. It is important that as you take out each part you pack it immediately and not take apart the whole bike before packing. Doing this may result in the loss of some smaller parts or accessories, confusion or even damages to some fragile parts. If you cannot do this on your own, there are several experts that you can hire to help with the process.

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