Secrets of long haul flights by flight attendants

Cathay Pacific Airways is the Hong Kong’s flag carrier, and it offers passenger and cargo services to around 200 cities in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America with a workforce of about 23,000. From London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) is one of the long-distance flight’s routes in the World. A direct flight from London takes about 11 hours and 35 minutes to reach Hong Kong, and it covers a distance of 9630 Kilometers. With Cathay Pacific airlines, this distance feels reduced. You can book your flight ticket to Hong Kong from London by visiting

Although flight attendants job in the air is equally challenging for any flight duration, for long haul flights, they actually require an endless reserve of patience, quick adaptability for different time zones, and Teflon-like temperament. Every trip is different, and a flight attendant can deal with every different situation during flight. They know how to see the bright side of flight delay and how to smile through turbulence. Here is how the Cathay Pacific flight attendants guide you for flight advice:

Best Seats on a plane:

Of course, business and first-class seats are equally comfortable for everyone, but when it comes to economy class answer is a little tricky:

  • Premium economy class is the best option to get a bit of comfort without facing the cost of business and first-class.
  • You can also go for seats in front of the plane’s wings as they are quieter because the engine generates a bit of noise travelling in the opposite direction.
  • For flight upgrade, passengers can sign up for a reward program too.

Food to eat on a plane:

Long haul flights are tiring, and your food choice also affects the quality of your journey.

  • Lighter meals with less fat and sugar are better options.
  • Vegetables and fruits make you feel lighter and also boost your mood.
  • Flying is in itself so dehydrating and having lots of water helps you to fight against dehydration.

Get through long haul flights:

Sitting and stuck in a seat for more than 10 hours is not an easy job. You need to go through it differently:

  • To avoid any post-flight blues stretching your legs is essential.
  • Standing and walking after every hour or two is better.
  • You can also try some Yoga postures to help regulation and flow of blood in your circulatory system.

Killing time activities:

A layover can be anywhere, so it is really good to keep a few activities in mind to keep you busy:

  • Familiarize yourself with the airport is an excellent activity to keep you busy.
  • Browse duty-free stores maybe you get something unexpectedly marvellous.
  • Try some airport snack shops, or it is best to read a book to avoid layover stress.

Flying secrets:

Some sleep during the flight, use of noise-cancelling headphones, wearing light and comfortable clothes, and having your own water bottle are the secrets that keep you fresh for

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