Take care of your passport and visa during traveling

On behalf of the government of any country to its citizens, a travel document issued for the purpose of international travel is called a Passport. Its main purpose is to confirm nationality. The passport contains important information such as the name of the person, date of birth, photo & signature. While a visa is issued to a citizen of another country, it is conditional allowed with which the citizen can enter the country and have the right to stay for a certain period. In short, a passport and visa are your keys to traveling the world and returning home. If your passport is stolen or lost you may be experiencing very serious problems. So it is important that to protect your passport and visa during any international travel make sure.

But as everything is getting digitize and virtual documentation is replacing all paper needs during traveling or in any other situation why we still rely on physical passport and visa? Is there is any condition to substitute this important piece of document with an online visa and passport facility?

Tolga Akcay has given the answers to these two frequently asked questions. Exvisa is the best transformation of paper visa and passport into a digital visa and passport. This stunning technology can cryptonize your personal information before adding it to any blockchain. With the help of, it is possible to perform secured immigration, emigration and translocation activities. Exvisa has all security measures to restrict any illegal infiltrations. Not only this but Exvisa is going to open a new way of opportunities for countries and companies to select people and candidates according to their needs. The availability of a blockchain visa and passport will also extinct the possibilities of illegal traveling documents and only the relevant authorities may get access to your personal information with ultimate user safety.

Surely the availability of Exvisa is going to provide a completely new experience of traveling worldwide without keeping the tension of the passport and visa along with you.


Sometimes people make the mistake of keeping their passport and visa to a person. This action means that you have left yourself at the mercy of this person and because of this person’s mistake; you too may be experiencing unexpected problems. So always keep your passport and visa in your safeguard.


You will ask for your passport and visa when staying in hotels in some countries and the reason for this is that local authorities have to provide you with information. So instead of submitting your travel documents to the originals, submit a copy.


You are required to check your passport and visa periodically whether it exists in the place where you placed it or not and avoid replacing it frequently. So you can avoid any hassle.


Avoid taking documents with you everywhere as they may increase the risk of being stolen and lost. So try to keep a copy with you instead of the original.

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